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Melissa & Seamus

Melissa and Seamus decided to get married in Faithlegg House Hotel an 18th century mansion which has been beautifully restored to form the centre piece of a superb four star hotel and golf course.
Seamus is Irish and met Melissa in Australia where they are now settled with their 2 children. They spent some time living in Kilmore Quay in Ireland as well and Melissa always loved Ireland hence them getting married here.

About half of the guests who attended the wedding flew in from Australia . The couple went on a cruise accompanied by family members after the wedding as their honeymoon.

It was a stunning wedding, beautiful venue and amazing bunch of lovely people!

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Karolina & Patrick

Karolina and Patrick were married in Barefield Church and held their reception in the Doolin Hotel. It was a blend of Irish and Polish .
It was a fantastic mixture !!!
Their wedding was a lovely, intimate and emotional ceremony where they were surrounded by their family and friends
Karolina is originally from Poland so there was plenty of Polish during the day and the Polish contingent may have been small in number but they were big on fun .
The only thing that could have improved it would have been if they had brought a little Polish weather . The weather toyed with us all day.
Receptions opened with wonderful live traditional Irish music and the traditional Polish presentation of bread and salt.
This gift of bread and salt is symbolic – bread is offered so that the couple may never know hunger, while salt reminds them of life’s difficulties
They sang “STO LAT” for bride and groom , it’s a Polish tradition! !!!

There is a short part of Patrick speeches for Karolina :

It’s a hard road honey
And there ain’t nobody I’d rather be next to
It’s a rough ride baby but we’re gonna make it together
Me and you
When you’re tired, I’ll grab the wheel
And you take over when I’m done
Love is taking turns
Riding shotgun

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