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How many cameras do you use at a typical wedding? 

Two throughout the day ,to make sure your wedding film captures your special day perfectly. A second camera provides a change of view throughout the wedding video, capturing even more detail and gives the end product more variation.

Why Are second videographer so important ?

Having a dependable second shooter allows for so much freedom in the schedule . Without a quality second videographer, I feel , I’m tied down. More cameras allow for different angles to be captured. Second videographer allows a lead to achieve multiple angles that a primary can’t do alone.
Imagine a beautiful shot of the bride walking down the isle, then a second videographer capturing the groom crying .Beautiful, right?
Adding a second cameraman to your wedding day will enhance the production considerably. We will be able to generate an even more stunning wedding video.
I want to provide outstanding coverage and have my couple ask, “How did he get that shot?” A great second videographer is a big part of that.

How long is a final video ?

The final film is about 2×45 minutes long, depending on your wedding day. The result is a beautiful, cinematic style wedding film that includes all the special moments of your day, big and small, as well as all the details you planned so carefully.

How many DVD’s are delivered ?

Mostly you get five DVDs and two Blu-rays of your wedding film, if you need more copy, no problem, just tell me. There is also Highlight 3-6min Online Upload to an online video hosting platform. You can share with anyone ! Facebook, Twitter and via email. This is great way for sharing with friends and family.

When will I get my wedding DVDs and Blu-rays ?

I usually have your wedding trailer ready in about 2 months , after your wedding day .The final DVDs and Blu-rays with your wedding features , in about 3 months after your wedding day .

How long are you at the wedding ?

This is all based on your wedding day. I want to tell the whole story, so I normally arrive two hours prior to the ceremony to bride`s house to make sure to get all the fun preparations, anticipation, and decor details. I keep shooting all the way until your first dance . After your first dance I stay for another 2-3 songs. I can stay until you drive off and are on your way to the honeymoon, just let me know .

Do you shoot a wedding video with a DSLR camera ?

NO. Do not get me wrong DSLR camera are great and very popular. This has been the Holy Grail of independent filmmakers for the last 5 years. The large 35mm sensors give a film, cinematic quality to the video. But there are full of issues, such as aliasing, rolling shutter etc..

What equipment do you use, and why does it matter ?

I shoot with Super 35mm Sensor camera 2 X Canon Cinema EOS Camera .
Canon’s “Cinema” line of cameras are dedicated video cameras that use the same family of lenses as Canon DSLRs and pack a ton of power into versatile bodies with better image quality then any DSLR camera.
We also pay careful attention to the sound recording. We use various techniques involving wireless microphones, tapping into the venue sound system. We are experts at hiding them and placing discreetly so that they work away in the background .
I am constantly updating my gear for my wedding couples to be able to offer them the absolute best quality currently available. No expense is spared in providing the best quality equipment for my wedding couples!

Why if these cameras are so good not everyone is using them ?

There is a major difference between using a cinema camera and a regular hd video camera, and knowledge and experience are crucial especially during a live event. Remember in weddings, there is no second shot, thus, focus becomes a critical point, especially during low light situations inside a church when there is shallow depth of field. In plain English, it means that you have to manually change the focus as a bride is walking down the aisle. Follow focus is in itself a career, so in this case, the cinematographer needs to master cinematography as well as focus pulling.

How do you handle booking ?

I am excited to work with couples that are excited to work with me! I am strictly first come first serve, booking on a deposit-received basis. Our deposit to hold the day is 200eur. The balance of payment is due in full on the wedding date.

What happens if the pricing changes in the future ?

Our costs are fixed at the time of booking. So you are protected from future price increases.

Can I have the raw footage ?

Sorry, I don’t provide the raw footage. It’s probably the one thing I am not really flexible on. I believe my clients are hiring me to make an artful film of their wedding day, and trust me, raw footage has not been colour corrected ( I shoot with canon c-log, picture style that is very flat to retain as much information as possible ) and the colour grade this footage in the final films. Raw footage has not been edited down to remove camera movements or to enhance audio quality, etc..

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